Residential Tree Service

Are you a homeowner and you are beginning to notice that the trees in your yard are unkempt and require proper care and attention? We here at Yuma Landscaping can trim, prune, and revitalize all of your trees and we promise to restore elegance and prosperity to your outdoor landscaping.

We understand that outdoor landscaping can be exhausting and time-consuming, so hiring our residential tree services can make your life a lot easy. In a dry and arid climate, you need a service provider who knows what they are doing and can have your trees looking healthy and immaculate. Our professional trimming and pruning solutions will greatly improve the health of your trees and provide greater sun exposure for your entire yard.

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    Improved Overall Health

    Large trees are very gorgeous and they often draw attention because they are magnanimous in stature. With bigger trees, however, there is commonly a nutrient, which can have a tragic effect on their overall health. A way in which we can address this issue is by cutting off some of the branches so that fewer nutrients are required to sustain the tree and to establish greater sun exposure.

    Also, it is important to remove any tree branches that already dead, diseased, or dying. This is a process called pruning, it will greatly improve the appearance of your tree and minimize the risk of injury (the branch could easily break off and fall on someone). You also limit the spread of any diseases, which makes you and your family safer.

    Greater Exposure to Sunlight

    Additional sunlight can have a wondrous effect on your trees and the overall appearance of your landscaping. Sunlight determines the amount of photosynthesis that takes place in plant life. The more sunlight your tree receives, the greater the organic production of the tree. That means your trees will produce a greater number of leaves and they will appear lush with vegetation.

    To create more exposure to sunlight, we will cut down any branches that are either damage/dying or they cause a significant amount of obstruction. Our trimming services will greatly promote photosynthesis in your trees, which also improves its overall health.

    Prevent Disease and Limit Root Damage

    Trimming and pruning are very useful landscaping methods that you to make any adjustments/accommodations to counteract any potential root damage. This will ultimately give you more control over the way your tree grows and you can have it turn out the way you envision it.

    Another important benefit of our residential tree service is that we can detect when diseases are occurring in a tree early on, which allows us to prevent it from spreading and greatly damaging the tree. When we identify the disease, this also gives us the chance to report the problem to a specialist.

    Improved Appearance and Greater Organic Output

    There is no denying that a healthy and robust tree is very beautiful looking and greatly enhances the overall appearance of your outdoor property. Our goal is to restore elegance and grandeur in your landscaping, and our professional trimming and pruning can completely change everything.

    Our trimming and pruning services are also very beneficial if you are seeking to increase the organic output of your tree. We have several clients who hire us because they have an apple tree in their front yard and they want their tree to produce as many apples as it possibly can. When we cut down excess branches, then more nutrients are available to your tree via the soil.

    Enhances Your Property Value.

    We tell many of our customers that our residential tree services are a great way for you to add more value to your home property. If you have a tree that appears unkempt and to be in bad condition, then this can greatly depreciate the value of your home.

    Many of our clients come to us for service because they are selling their homes and they understand that prospective buyers will be reluctant to purchase any residential property with a tree on it that is in obvious decline and will require attention. However, by having prune and trim your trees regularly, you will be able to entice more people to want to purchase your property.

    Tree Removal

    We also offer a removal service for anyone who needs to get rid of a tree that has undergone severe damage/decay and may pose a health risk. Severe winds, infestations, and various environmental factors can cause severe damage to your tree. Dead trees pose a significant risk to you, your family, and the environment, and the responsible thing to do is to have it immediately removed. By hiring us, you are looking out for everyone’s safety and well being.

    Professional Landscaping Solutions

    We have been performing residential tree services for many years in the Yuma area and our landscaping professionals possess all skills and expertise to properly trim and prune your trees. We want you to enjoy the landscaping of your home and our goal is to provide you with residential tree service that you will not find anywhere else.

    Being based out of a dry and arid region such as Yuma, we are very familiar with the climatic behavior of the area. We understand that in this area it can be especially difficult to keep your landscaping looking green and healthy. We have a lot of fun with what we do and are committed to providing you with a professional and one-of-a-kind service.