Privacy Wall Extensions

If you are a homeowner and you want to install a wall that keeps your property protected in addition to adding more value and aestheticism to your overall landscaping. Our premiere privacy wall extensions are the right solution for you. A privacy wall helps establish and demarcate your property while also greatly enhancing the beauty and visual elegance of your property. Also, and perhaps most importantly, you will be able to conceal yourself from your pesky and intrusive neighbors.

In addition to providing you extra security and protection, you are also greatly enhancing the value of your property with a security wall. We offer a variety of designs and color schemes to choose from during the pre-installation phase, and you have the option to design and implement a wall that blends in with the overall landscaping of your property.

Have some fun in your yard with your family without having to worry about neighbors or strangers watching you by installing a new privacy wall today.

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    Reducing Outside Noise

    If you live in an area where there is a lot of traffic and activity, then our privacy wall extensions are perfect for reducing any loud and obtrusive noises emanating from outside. Privacy walls will significantly reduce the noise that enters your home, but you must take into consideration the height of the fence, as it can block and obstruct any view you have of the outdoor area.

    Regardless of the drawbacks, our privacy wall extensions are guaranteed to make your home more conducive to relaxation and peacefulness by canceling out all the noise and disruption of the outside world.

    Demarcating Property Boundaries

    Are you fed up with annoying property boundary disputes with your neighbors? Property lines that are not clearly defined can result in unwelcome confrontations with your neighbors, and this is something that we would all wish to avoid. Our privacy wall extensions ensure that the boundary is properly delineated and prevents your neighbors from illegally encroaching on your property.

    Before you hire us, we advise you to consult your local property records to confirm and establish the boundary line. When the wall is built and properly establishes your property’s boundary, then you are free to do whatever you inside of it!

    Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

    Who said that your privacy wall has to be plain, drab, and ordinary? We offer you the option to design your wall extension by offering you different visual patterns and colors to choose from during the pre-installation process. We also want to emphasize that you should choose the style and aesthetic that fits your personal preferences and harmonizes with the landscaping of your property.

    We also want to tell you that privacy wall extensions will greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home and greatly increase its value. This means that later down the line, you will have the opportunity to make good on your original investment when you sell your home.

    Increased Protection and Shelter

    There are going to be moments of extreme weather and we want to ensure that you are protected from any natural calamities. A privacy wall may not seem like much, but in reality, it will prevent high gusting winds and heavy rainfall from wreaking havoc on your property.

    Another amazing benefit of a privacy wall extension is that it will discourage and prevent would-be thieves from burglarizing your property. Although in theory it seems as though it easy to get around a wall, but having the wall in the first place sends a message: we’re not going to make it easy for burglars and thieves. Privacy wall extensions function as an additional layer of security and offer a great deal of protection for you and your family.

    Seclusion and Privacy

    A privacy wall extension does exactly what it is advertised to do: provide you with privacy. This means that you can host a birthday bash or other celebratory events without having to worry about any uninvited individuals who may be snooping around and disturbing the festivities. This also means that your children can play outside and have loads of fun without their being any strangers or creepy people watching them.

    Another reason why should install a privacy wall is to protect your outdoor pool. It will deter any unwanted intruders from swimming in it and the wall will also shield you from any creepy onlookers.

    Additional Benefits

    A benefit that often gets overlooked is that you can keep your pets and children within a boundary and prevent any runaways from occurring. A privacy wall extension prevents your children and pets from wandering off and potentially inserting themselves into dangerous situations.

    A privacy wall can also boost the curb appeal of your home and make it appear more aesthetically appealing and attractive. This will greatly enhance the value of your property, which makes a privacy wall well worth the investment.

    Experience Landscaping Professionals

    We here at Yuma Landscaping have years of experience when it comes to offering you reliable landscaping and hardscaping solutions. We are dedicated to providing you with a level of customer service that you will not find anywhere else. We love what we do and we view landscaping as an art form.

    A privacy wall extension offers many benefits that you simply cannot refuse to pass up. We offer a lot of different options when it comes to providing a service that fits all of your budgetary needs and we encourage you to give us a call and speak with one of our landscaping specialists to learn more about the services we offer. You can also visit the homepage of our website!