Grass and Sod Service

For some, a luscious and healthy green lawn is a source of pride and joy. The condition of your lawn can leave an instant impression on those who pass by. It increases the curb appeal of any home or business and presents the image of a perfect and well-maintained property.

Many people go to great lengths in order to maintain the pristine appearance of their lawn, but with Yuma Landscaping, you won’t need to put in all the back-breaking work in order to enjoy beautiful grass throughout your property. We offer a range of grass and lawn care services to Yuma, AZ residents, including lawn mowing, sodding, and more.

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    Lawn Care

    As a busy property owner, it can often start to feel as though your lawn is perpetually in disarray. The routine mowing and care required to keep your lawn looking its best takes an immense amount of time and energy that many are simply unable to devote.

    Our lawn care service allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy green lawn without the inconvenience or hassle of pushing around a lawn mower on a weekly basis.

    Range of Services

    At Yuma Landscaping, we offer a range of services to assist with landscape maintenance. For many of our customers, the lawn is one of the most important and prominent features of their landscaping.

    That is why it was vital for us to offer a variety of lawn care services such as mowing, edging, aeration, and sodding to meet the needs of our customers.


    It can take several months to turn barren earth into a luscious lawn. Some customers are unwilling or unable to wait so long to see an improvement in their landscaping. Sod offers a fast, affordable, and convenient solution for transforming a yard or parcel of land into a green oasis. In a matter of days, a drab dirt area can become a lively playground for your children or pets.

    Our landscaping experts will help transport and lay all the sod so you never have to worry about getting your hands dirty. You can enjoy real, natural looking grass all around your home or business without the long wait. The best part is you can be sure the results will be even and beautiful throughout your property!

    Landscape Professionals at Your Service

    When you want your landscaping done right, you call the best landscape company in Yuma. Yuma Landscaping is the premier choice for residential and commercial landscaping services. We assist our customers at every step, from planning and design to installation and maintenance.

    Our landscaping experts can do it all! We provide you with backyard landscaping ideas and provide our expert services when it comes to lawn care, tree care, landscape lighting, hardscaping, and more. Get in touch with us to inquire for more information about our grass and sod service, or to learn more about any of the other landscaping services we offer and we will be happy to help!