Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are a building material used in a variety of different settings and they offer a great deal of versatility, aesthetic appeal, and strength. Pavers offer you many different styles and designs to choose from, and they come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Pavers are made a concrete mixture comprised of pigments, sand, and gravel, and the mixture establishes a strong durable material that is perfect outdoor installations such as driveways, backyard patios, and pathways. Each paver has a uniform appearance that, when combined, establish an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

Paver installations are becoming increasingly popular and many of our previous clients can tell you all about the reliability of the material. Pavers are not only beautiful and structurally resilient, but they are also cost-effective and offer you a variety of design options to choose from. Concrete pavers are a viable alternative to the more expensive and structurally precarious materials used in modern landscaping and hardscaping.

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    Affordable Materials and Installations

    Concrete as a base material is much easier to produce and obtain then some of more high-end stuff such as brick and natural stone because naturally occurring products are not as readily available. Also, the installation process only takes a couple of days to complete, which will save you a ton of money on labor and certain resources.

    It is also worth considering the long-term economic benefits of concrete pavers. The material is durable to the point where you will rarely perform maintenance or repairs, which can brake a huge toll on you financially. So the money that you would normally spend on replacements and resurfacings you will ultimately get to keep.

    Aesthetics and Design Options

    Concrete pavers offer you a lot of latitude when it comes to the many different sizes, shapes, and colors that we have to offer. These designs go well with outdoor areas such as patios or driveways because the paver adds value and aesthetic appeal to your property. Pavers are perfect for any changes you make to your landscaping because the material will seamlessly blend in with its surroundings.

    Concrete pavers will also greatly improve the curb appeal of your home, and which will enhance the overall value of your home. Within a single project, you have the option to incorporate multiple color schemes and variations of different shapes and textures.

    Durable and Resilient Materials

    To produce the individual paver, we pour a factory-manufactured concrete mixture into a mold with carefully measured dimensions to ensure that the paver material is structurally durable. Concrete pavers are engineered to withstand decades of punishment and natural wear and tear without undergoing any damage or deterioration.

    Concrete pavers also possess load-bearing capabilities that can withstand a significant amount of weight, which makes them perfect for driveways and outdoor areas where there is a significant amount of foot traffic. We also want to mention that concrete pavers possess a compressive strength that is comparable to natural stone materials (which are practically indestructible).

    Financial Benefits

    The structural tenacity of concrete pavers ensures that you will perform very minimal maintenance and repairs. In landscaping and hardscaping, the main objective is to eliminate as many life-cycle costs as you possibly can, and concrete pavers provide just that. Stains are also easy to remove; all this requires is a pressure washer or spot treatment with proper cleaning products and a brush.

    What also makes concrete pavers so easy to maintain is that if an area needs repair, all you need to do is remove/replace the paver and regrade the base material. This can be done quickly and affordably.

    Weather Resistance

    Our professional paver installations also offer you a great deal of protection from heat, rain, sunlight, and other natural phenomena. Our concrete pavers can withstand extreme weather conditions without undergoing any structural damage, which makes them an ideal material for the dry and arid climate of Yuma, Arizona.

    The earth underneath your concrete tends to expand and contract regularly, but our interlocking pavers provide you with enough structural flexibility that your installation will remain intact. This will help you avoid a significant amount of damage.

    Concrete Pavers Versus Poured Concrete

    When compared to poured concrete, pavers offer a lot of benefits that are lacking with other materials. Poured concrete is very plain looking and does not provide a large variety of design options. With pavers, there are many different colors, shapes, and styles to choose from. Also, poured concrete has to be cured and this can take some time to complete, but with pavers are ready to go upon installation.

    Any damaged paver can easily be replaced by a new paver, whereas with concrete slabs, things aren’t so simple and repair efforts can be noticeable and obvious. The average lifespan of concrete pavers also greatly exceeds that of poured concrete (50 years compared to 30 years, respectively).

    Concrete Pavers Are the Right Choice for You

    Concrete Pavers are the perfect material when it comes to reliable and cost-effective alternatives to traditional paving installations. Pavers represent a significant upgrade from poured concrete and aesthetically they are far superior. Also, concrete as a base material is extremely affordable and it offers about as much strength and durability as brick or natural stone.

    We offer professional concrete paving solutions throughout the city of Yuma and the surrounding areas, and our licensed contractors possess all the tools and expertise to create the installation of your dreams. Our company does it all from driveways to backyards patio to pool decks. Give us a call today so that we can set you up with service!