Project Grading

Before you proceed to undertake any landscaping projects, here are some things to consider: Is my property properly prepared for any landscaping or hardscaping installations? Is there a sufficient amount of topsoil to establish a healthy foundation for various plantlife? Is there a drainage system in place to prevent erosion? These are questions that need to be answered before you can move forward with anything, and we have just the solution for you: project grading.

Project grading enables us to identify the high and low points of your property so that we can establish a flat and level surface for proper hardscaping. Also, we can provide you with drainage solutions and excavation services that will have your yard in prime conditions for all of your ventures into landscaping and hardscaping.

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    Poor Grading

    We want to start by talking about some of the indicators of poor grading. The biggest issue is when your property is uneven, this is because hardscaping installations require a flat and even surface. Also, another issue is poor drainage. Runoff and excess rainwater can severely hamper plant life, this will greatly affect your overall landscaping. In some cases, drainage pipes may need to be installed underground.

    Grading issues are very common and this is because a flat piece of land is never perfectly flat. Also, perhaps any project grading done in the past was not performed correctly and this can result in regrading.

    Drainage Solutions

    With any landscaping projects, there needs to be proper drainage, and this is because you want to prevent erosion and any damage done to the soil that is caused by excess rainwater. When we grade your land, we can create a sloping structure that will carry the water to a drain or area where any runoff collects. You can also opt to install pipes in the ground to properly drain any excess water.

    It is important that the soil and surrounding areas on your property receive the proper amount of water. We also ensure that any runoff is properly rerouted and redistributed. You do not want to send your excess rainwater into your neighbor’s yard.

    Level Surfaces

    For there to be a seamless installation process for all of your landscaping and hardscaping projects, you need to establish flat and level surfaces in your property. In some scenarios, the ground is higher in some areas than others, and this will require you to dig up rearrange some of the dirt.

    Most properties are not perfectly flat and even despite the way it appears. When you establish a nice and flat surface, you create endless possibilities when it comes to all of your landscaping aspirations.

    Topsoil Installations

    Some of the properties that we assess will not contain enough soil to grade it, and this will require us to bring in some topsoil. To establish a healthy and nourishing environment for your garden and various plant life, topsoil becomes very helpful.

    Topsoil a lot of times can help get the most out of our yard and it can make things a lot easier when it comes to all of your landscaping requirements. Healthy, high-grade soil can make all the difference because it enables you to cultivate a lush and flourishing garden. A green landscape is a beautiful landscape.

    Hire a Professional

    We strongly recommend that you hire us because we possess all the equipment, resources, and expertise to assess and grade your property. Even if you believe that you can properly grade your property without our assistance, we still strongly recommend that you hire us because if any mishaps were to occur, this could result in extensive and costly repairs. We also know how to avoid underground gas, water, and fiberoptic utility lines.

    We have been operating out of the Yuma area for many years and we have always provided a reputable and reliable service for our clients. Our trained professionals have ample experience when it comes to project grading and we can offer you many practical solutions to assist you in moving forward with all of your landscaping plans and ideas.