Cabling and Bracing

Trees are an agricultural staple that adds a unique element of beauty to all of our landscaping endeavors. Trees, however, need to be protected and nurtured, and if they are neglected, then your landscaping will ultimately suffer. Older trees in particular tend to mature to a point where they require additional structural support to maintain its form and preserve its overall health. Your tree is becoming aged and the manner in which it is growing is misshapen and structurally precarious. Also, your tree may have recently undergone issues relating to pests and infestations, which has affected the structural integrity of your tree.

Cabling and bracing provide structural stabilization for any tree that is showing signs of weakness and poor health. What we do is we restrict the movement of the tree so that it can remain firm and unyielding in windy conditions, and we also examine other factors that can trigger certain structural issues, such as the root system and excessive growth.

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    Cabling is a technique for achieving structural support that is reserved for the upper canopy of the tree. The process involves the installation of steel rods between major branches that greatly reduces pressure by redistributing it among other branches. Some of our customers worry that the cabling will greatly restrict the movement of their tree branches, but we set it up in a way that allows for natural swaying.

    The main worry with structurally unstable tree branches is that they will break off in extreme weather and inclement conditions. However, our cabling solutions will prevent any damage that is caused by high gusts of winds or any other kind of severe weather.


    Bracing is a different structural solution that we utilize for the lower region of a tree. It offers increased protection and support for tree trunks and other major junctions within the structure of the tree. We install steel rods near damaged areas and what this does is it provides structural reinforcement for areas where there is significant cracking and splitting in the tree.

    In many scenarios, bracing is applied in conjunction with cabling, and it also represents a much more rigid installation, greatly restricting the movement of your tree. This is all done to prevent any future damage and provide some much-needed relief for any existing damage.

    Risk Prevention

    Many of our customers hire our services because they want to limit the risk of hazardous events or they want to avoid any property damage. Your tree is an asset, and you should treat it as an integral component of your property; it is your responsibility to ensure that your tree can remain in stable condition. If you neglect your tree and it ends up falling over or upending itself, then this can lead to dangerous situations, such as downed powerlines or a personal injury.

    When you hire our professional cabling and bracing services, you are not only protecting yourself but your protecting your friends, your family, and your neighbors. We want to ensure that nothing calamitous will happen by providing your tree with the structural support it needs.

    Prolonged Lifespan

    Many of our clients tell us that they would regret having to cut down their trees and would rather opt for a solution to prolong its lifespan. Our professional bracing and cabling solutions do just that. Our trained professionals can immediately identify any of the weak limbs and offshoots within the tree and they devise a plan to establish and implement a structural support system.

    Any bracing or cabling that we install should be inspected periodically to ensure that it is properly functioning and providing ample support. We also recommend that you hire our pruning service to prevent excess growth and promote optimal nourishment for your tree.

    Hire Trained Professional

    Our landscaping company is a reputable service provider in the Yuma area and we have been serving the community for many years. Our team of professionals can handle anything when it comes to our professional cabling and bracing services, and we encourage you to give them a call to find out more about everything we have to offer.

    We are offering you the opportunity to save your tree and prevent having to remove it. You can assure you that you are in good hands when it comes to our professional cabling and bracing solutions, and many of our previous customers can attest to the expertise and dedication of our trained professionals. If you want to learn more about our company and the services we offer, go ahead and visit our homepage. We also encourage you to browse our website!